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Tax Collector

The Riverside County Tax Collector is a state mandated function that is governed by the California Revenue & Taxation Code, Government Code, and, the Code of Civil Procedures. The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of secured, unsecured, supplemental, transient occupancy tax as well as various other special assessments for the county, school and community colleges, and special districts.

Collectively, over one million secured, unsecured, supplemental and delinquent property tax bills representing nearly $4.4 billion are mailed and processed through this office each year. The Tax Collector staff provides information and assistance on the telephone and through its three office locations to individual taxpayers, businesses and mortgage professionals. The Tax Enforcement division is responsible for the collection of delinquent unsecured property taxes and assists Tax Sale Operations with secured property tax sales.  The Tax Sale Operations division oversees secured defaulted tax payments and is ultimately responsible for secured tax sales at public auction in accordance with state law, and approval of the County Board of Supervisors.