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The Riverside County Treasurer is a state mandated function that is governed by the California Government Code. Ultimately responsible for over $17.5 billion in annual receipts and disbursements each year, the Treasurer serves as the chief investment officer with fiduciary responsibility of all funds in the county treasury. The treasury receives, invests and safeguards all public monies into the $8.4 billion Treasurer’s Pooled Investment Fund (TPIF), which maintains the highest achievable ratings by two nationally recognized rating firms on behalf of the county, school and community college districts, special districts and discretionary depositors which draw upon these funds to pay for their budgeted expenses. 

TPIF investments are made in accordance with state law and the Treasurer’s Statement of Investment Policy. It is actively managed in a manner to safeguard investment principal, maintain sufficient liquidity within the portfolio to meet cash flow requirements, and, to achieve a reasonable rate of return on the portfolio consistent with these objectives. In addition, the Treasurer also serves as financial advisor to the County for the investment of certain bond proceeds, as well as for school and community college district proceeds and debt issuance in his capacity as their ex-officio treasurer.

Permitted Investment Language for Debt Issuance