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Payment of 15 or more parcels

Please be advised: You are unable to make a payment within the Online Payment File application itself. You must submit your payment separately, either via check or wire.

If you are paying 15 or more parcels, please complete an online payment file on our website under Online Payment Files. Click on "Create an Account" to obtain a User ID and Password. Once you have your logon information, simply enter the PIN number and installment number for each parcel that you intend to pay. If you have submitted payment files in the past, you may choose to create a payment file by selecting a previous payment file as a "template" for parcels in which you have previously paid. The new file will then reference the PIN of the prior file, with the current amounts due. You may then add, delete or enter notes for these parcels.

When you have entered all parcels click continue to enter your contact information, refund information and method of payment.  When all information has been entered click on "Create Payment File" to submit the payment file and receive your confirmation and payment file number.  This number must be referenced on your wire transfer or check payment.

At this time, the Online Payment File application is only for payment of current secured taxes. You are not able to create a payment file for supplemental, prior year or unsecured taxes.

If you would prefer to make payment via credit card or e-Check, please make a payment on our tax payments website. Please note: if you choose not to make a payment file and pay on our website instead, you will not be able to save transactions to use as templates for future transactions. Payments made via e-Check or credit card are one time transactions. 



Q: I have less than 15 parcels. Is a payment file necessary?

A: No. A payment file is only necessary if you are making payment for 15 or more parcels in a single transaction.

Q: What is the benefit to using this system?

A: Using this system allows for a faster and more accurate processing of your property tax payments. Additionally, the information that you input and submit can then be used as a template for future transactions.

Q: Do I have to input my PIN information each year?

A: No. Once you have created and submitted a payment file which corresponds to each installment you do not need to input new information. When you log in, choose the “Retrieve PIN's from prior transaction” option. Then select the payment file which corresponds to the installment that you wish to pay.

Q: Can I use the payment file created in December as a template for my April payment?

A: No. A payment file created for the first installment cannot be used as a template to pay the second installments. Choose a prior payment file which was used to pay the second installment as a template.  If a payment file has not been previously created for the second installment, then a new payment file must be created.  

Q: I would like to use a prior transaction as a template; however, I need to add or delete PIN's to the new file. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Once you have chosen the appropriate payment file to use as a template you can add or delete any PIN's as needed.

Q: I would like to pay for PIN's not included within the payment file. Is this possible? 

A: Please submit payment for the payment file ONLY. If you have additional PIN's to pay, please send payment in a separate transaction. 

Q: I am trying to submit my payment file; however, I do not have specific information regarding the payment (IE the check number or check/wire date). What should I do?

A: Every field has to be filled in order for the payment file to be accepted. If you do not have the requested information, just indicate “NA”. Just make sure the payment file confirmation number is indicated on your payment.

Q: I submitted my payment file. When will the funds be withdrawn from my account?

A: No payment will be withdrawn. When you are creating a payment file you do not submit payment within the payment file application itself. Instead, payment must be submitted via wire or via check.

Q: I would like to submit payment via e-check. Is this possible?

A: No. Payments associated with a payment file must be submitted be wire or paper check only. You will receive further payment instruction and information with your payment file confirmation email.  If you would like to make a payment for your taxes by e-check, credit card or debit card, please make a payment on our tax payments website: Please note: these types of payments cannot be saved to use as a template for future transactions. Payments made via e-Check or credit/debit card are one time transactions.

Q: Can I include a supplemental PIN within my payment file? What about an PIN that has outstanding prior year taxes?

A: No, The payment file application allows for the addition of current secured PIN's only. You cannot add supplemental or unsecured PIN's to a payment file. Additionally, the payment file application does not accept payment for prior year taxes.

Q: I don’t remember my password.

A: If you don’t remember your password you can have that information reset here: You will need your username and the answer to your security question. If you do not have this information, please contact us at the email provided. We will need the email address associated with the account.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a question or need clarification on an issue?

A: Please send an email to: [email protected].