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Electronic Fund Transfer Requirements for Property Tax Bill Payments



To make a payment via wire or ACH transfer please email or call (951) 955-3950 to obtain wire instructions. Once you have received the wiring instructions you can then initiate a payment through your financial institution.

Once the payment has been made, we ask that written notification of the payment be submitted to our office at This notification should include the PIN number(s) that are being paid, the date the funds will be wired to our account, and the amount being wired per PIN and in total. A contact name, phone number and address should also be included. Without this information, your payment will not be credited immediately and the wire could be refunded or returned, which may result in additional costs and penalties as applicable. 


If you are making payment for more than 15 parcels, please complete an online payment file on our website under online payment files. Utilizing this system will allow you to use prior transactions submitted via payment file as templates. Follow the instructions provided to receive a login and password to access the system. Please note: at this time the online payment file application is only for payment of current secured taxes. You are not able to create a payment for supplemental, prior year or unsecured taxes on the online payment file system.

You can also make payment for multiple PIN's on our Online Information and Payment System. Please note: if you choose to make your payment via this option you will not be able to use prior transactions as templates. Each PIN must be added to your payment list. You can then pay for all PIN's on your list.

Please retain your bank confirmation for your records. If you have any questions regarding wired payments, please contact our office at the information above.



Thank you,

Matthew Jennings
Treasurer-Tax Collector