Payment of 15 or more parcels

Please be advised: You are unable to make a payment within the Online Payment File application itself. You must submit your payment separately, either via check or wire.

If you are paying 15 or more parcels, please complete an online payment file on our website under Online Payment Files. Click on "Create an Account" to obtain a User ID and Password. Once you have your logon information, simply enter the assessment number and installment number for each parcel that you intend to pay. If you have submitted payment files in the past, you may choose to create a payment file by selecting a previous payment file as a "template" for parcels in which you have previously paid. The new file will then reference the assessments of the prior file, with the current amounts due. You may then add, delete or enter notes for these parcels.

When you have entered all parcels click continue to enter your contact information, refund information and method of payment.  When all information has been entered click on "Create Payment File" to submit the payment file and receive your confirmation and payment file number.  This number must be referenced on your wire transfer or check payment.

At this time, the Online Payment File application is only for payment of current secured taxes. You are not able to create a payment file for supplemental, prior year or unsecured taxes.

If you would prefer to make payment via credit card or e-Check, please make a payment on our tax payments website. Please note: if you choose not to make a payment file and pay on our website instead, you will not be able to save transactions to use as templates for future transactions. Payments made via e-Check or credit card are one time transactions. 

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