Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Large Tax Payments

Q.  Do payments over $25,000 have to be made electronically?
A.  Yes. Parcels with installment amounts of $25,000 or greater are required to be made electronically.

Q.  What constitutes an aggregate liability of more than $50,000?
A.  Two installments on a single parcel totaling $50,000 or more.

Q.  How can I tell if my payment is subject to the requirement?
A.  Check your bill; if the total is $50,000 or greater the requirement applies. If you don’t have a copy of your bill, but you know your assessment number or property address, you can use our Online Information and Payment System to find out the status of your account.

Q.  Why has this requirement been put in place?
A.  The County Treasurer has an obligation to collect taxes in an expeditious manner. Large payments constitute a significant portion of the amounts collected. By moving to electronic payment the efficiency of the collection process is increased.

Q.  Are there any exemptions from the requirement to submit my payment electronically?
A.  No exemptions or exceptions are available to the requirement to submit your payment electronically.

Q.  What type of electronic payment is acceptable?
A.  State law does not limit the definition of electronic payment to bank wires. Our office encourages you to make your payment via our Online Information and Payment System. The following forms of payment are accepted: Discover, MasterCard, Visa and e-Check. Please note: there is a convenience fee for payments made via credit card; however, there is no charge for payments made via e-Check. Wire transfers are also accepted. Since wire transfers are typically received on the same day, we are prepared to accept wire transfers initiated before the Fed cutoff on December 10 or April 10 as timely payments. However, as your bank may have a different cutoff time, we strongly suggest allowing 2-3 business days when scheduling your property tax payments.            

Q.  Would a bill paying service meet the requirement?
A.  Not necessarily. Many on-line bill-paying services do not send funds electronically; instead they generate a paper check. On-line banking transactions through your bank may work, however consult with your bank to determine when the transfer would be made and the manner in which it would occur.

Q.  Can I use Riverside County's on-line system?
A.  Yes, we encourage you to use our Online Information and Payment System.

Q.  Can I include other payments at the same time?
A.  Yes. If making the payment via a wire transfer, please provide written notification of the assessment number(s) that are being paid, the date the funds will be wired to our account, and the amount being wired per assessment and in total. This notification should be submitted to:

If you are making payment for more than 15 parcels, please complete an on online payment file on our website under online payment files. Utilizing this system will allow you to use prior transactions submitted via payment file as templates.

You can also make payment for multiple assessments on our Online Information and Payment System. Please note: if you choose to make your payment via this option you will not be able to use prior transactions as templates. Each assessment must be added to your payment list. You can then pay for all assessments on your list.

Q.  How do I send a wire?
A.  Please email for wiring instructions.

Q.  How long will this requirement be in place?
A.  Indefinitely.
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